Syair Puitis Dokter Karel Dourman Saragih, STREET HAPPENING ART

Penulis : Dokter Karel Dourman Saragih HS, SpPD. Sp JP, FIHA


Street Happening Art

The glowing sun fade away
Urban Boys & girls enjoy the late afternoon
Dukuh atas We will be there
Wearing their iconic outfit
Very confidently
Walking as if the star along the road Smiling and waving

Street happening Art

Gathering & Killing time positively Avoid from fedding up of pandemic

Zebra cross is their stage
Walk over the lines

Life is not only black and white

But Colourfull Rainbows & so vivid

Pro & contra echoing outside
Event substituted to other place

Occupied by interests

It’s fake
It doesn’t work

Their fashion is not genuine anymore

Hang out and original expressing is in SCBD

Bonge Kurnia Jeje and many more

Put their footsteps there

In the name of regulations and moral They ought to be got rid of

Dreaming Passion Excitement Lost

Zebra cross is still there
But not catwalk any more

Street happening art is over
They get out of away

From hero to zero
Wilting before flowering

Now who cares?