Syair Puitis Dokter Karel Dourman Saragih, Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Penulis : Dokter Karel Dourman Saragih HS, SpPD. Sp JP, FIHA

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Summer time in Brussel
Along the bushes
Enjoy the beautiful sunny warm morning
Bestie meets again

Achille French origin language
Enzo English the second

Boys speak with eyes smiles and gesture

Love is natural for children
Hatred is indoctrinated by adults

Remind the past Sweet memories from Eiffel to Bromo mountain

Time flies so fast Five years

Somewhere over the rainbow

Blue sky birds twitter cheerful happy
So many stories to talk
Sport hobbies school music
Joyful and laugh always be there

That’s what friends are for

There always be a bridge
Unconditional love Heart talks more
Starring silent and nicely
Smiles to listen

Achille and Enzo
Nurturing friendship over the seas
Europe and Asia Brown and Black hairs

Growing up with difference culture Passions in Adventuring Sharing and caring

Achille and Enzo dog lovers Muse Cute and funny

Somewhere Over the rainbow There are angels and castle to bring joy for sincere buddy Bintaro230722kareldhs💐🥋🇮🇩#happynationalchildrendays

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